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"TEAM Coalition has been a long-standing partner with Major League Baseball, helping our Clubs provide the best possible fan experience in our ballparks. TEAM Coalition helps MLB fulfill its commitment to being a social institution with inherent social responsibilities, through programs that promote drinking responsibly and providing training for our Clubs."

--- John McHale, Executive Vice President, Administration & Chief Information Officer, Major League Baseball

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  TEAM Coalition Recommendations for Venue Alcohol Policies

The policies presented are recommendations approved by the TEAM Coalition Board of Directors and member organizations. These policy recommendations represent the best practices of sports facilities across the country, representing Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League. TEAM encourages every sports facility to establish and enforce policies that ensure the safety and enjoyment of the experience for their fans. Neither TEAM nor its member organizations mandate these recommendations.

Sports and entertainment facilities in the US (both professional and university) should
  • Train both concessions and operations employees in an alcohol management training program

  • Set an employee policy to always use safety belts when driving

  • Post signs in their parking facilities reminding guests to always buckle up
TEAM venues should provide at least one designated driver booth
  • Fans that sign up to be designated drivers must present a valid drivers license proving they are over 21 years of age

  • Designated drivers should sign an agreement pledging to:

    • Not drink alcohol while at the stadium

    • Take responsibility for driving home their friends and family who have been drinking

    • Ensure that everyone wears safety belts
TEAM venues should set policies regarding the purchase and consumption of alcohol, the policies below represent the average of all sports venues participating in TEAM
  • Alcohol sales cut off time:

    • MLB: end of 7th inning

    • NFL: end of 3rd quarter

    • NBA: end of 3rd period

    • NHL: end of 2nd period

  • ID policy: 30 and younger

  • Maximum number of beers per purchase: 2 beers

  • Maximum serving size per beer: 20 oz

  • Denial of outside beverages into the facility

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