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"America’s 2,850 licensed beer distributors work tirelessly to keep their communities and citizens safe – that’s why it is so important to them to make sure that alcohol is sold within a regulated system and consumed in moderation, because alcohol is different. said . “America’s beer distributors are excited to be joining TEAM in promoting responsibility."

--- Craig Purser, President, National Beer Wholesalers

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  TEAM Coalition Privacy Statement

Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition collects and stores personal information for individuals who participate in the TEAM Training Program as well as individuals who register to be designated drivers and responsible guests at sports and entertainment venues as well as through online registrations for sweepstakes.

From a training perspective, collection of this data is a necessary prerequisite to provide training services. Personal information of those individuals involved in the TEAM Training Program is used for two primary purposes:

  • To provide records of trainings taught and certification status
  • To alert trainers regarding updated training-related information
All personal information is securely stored on TEAM Coalition’s servers that are only accessible via login and password by registered trainers. Access to personal information other than that of each trainer is limited to the individuals taught by that trainer. No trainer can access personal information of individuals he/she did not directly train.

Personal information collected from designated driver and responsible guest registrations at sports and entertainment venues as well as through online sweepstakes registrations is only used to select a winner of a sweepstakes. All TEAM Coalition sweepstakes are designed to recognize guests who promise to serve as a designated driver for their friends and family or who promise to never drive drunk and always have a designated driver. Personal information is only stored – securely on TEAM Coalition’s internal network - for the winners of sweepstakes. All sweepstakes rules specific the potential use of sweepstakes winners’ names and/or likenesses for promotional purposes only. Records of individuals not selected as sweepstakes winners are destroyed or deleted.

TEAM Coalition does not provide personal information to third parties, period.

Privacy Statement
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