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"Sobriety is a team effort. We are continuously working with our clients to aggressively advocate and promote programs that assist fans in making responsible decisions when it comes to alcohol. If they don't, we take the appropriate action including declining to serve them. Fan safety is a priority that we take very seriously. The designated driver program is an important component of the alcohol management program at every venue where we operate."

--- John Wentzell, President, DNC Sportservice

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In cooperation with several MLB, NFL, and NHL Clubs and teams, TEAM launched an effort to communicate with fans. With each participating Club or team, over 100,000 information cards have been printed and distributed to season ticket holders and fans who attend the first several games at the Clubs' and teams' ballparks, stadiums, and arenas. The information cards display the Ground Rules for fans, explain the security procedures and what can be brought into the facility, and they remind fans to think ahead and use designated drivers when attending the games.

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