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"The nation’s brewers have consistently demonstrated a commitment to responsible alcohol consumption and the efforts of the TEAM Coalition in stadiums across the country."

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Fans Who Pledge To Be Designated Drivers Are Spokespeople For Responsibility

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Arlington, Texas -- (Jan. 23, 2009) – Rangers fans at tomorrow’s Fan Fest at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington will have an opportunity to serve as spokespeople for responsible behavior this season. The Texas Rangers, Anheuser-Busch, Delaware North Companies Sportservice, and TEAM Coalition are partnering to educate fans about the importance of designating a driver, buckling up, and demonstrating positive fan behavior. The message is simple: "Be a Good Sport, Always Have a Designated Driver."

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) produced from the videos recorded at tomorrow’s Fan Fest will air throughout the 2009 season on the stadium’s video board and on local broadcast television. In addition, the video clips recorded by each fan will be e-mailed to participants so their moment of fame can be shared with friends, family and co-workers. Participants, along with other fans from across Major League Baseball who pledge and demonstrate responsible behavior will have a chance to win tickets to a 2009 World Series® game or a trip to the 2010 MLB All-Star Game® at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

"Giving fans the opportunity to be the voice of the Responsibility Has Its Rewards campaign personalizes the ‘Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk’ message. Teamwork is exactly what this campaign is all about," said Jill Pepper, Executive Director of the TEAM Coalition. Pepper also noted that through this program the Texas Rangers, Anheuser-Busch and Sportservice are demonstrating that everyone – including fans – plays an important role in alcohol management.

The designated driver program is one of several components of the alcohol management plan at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. In addition, alcohol management training for the employees of both Sportservice and the Ballpark gives employees the skills to observe fan behavior and serve alcoholic beverages in compliance with local laws and in a manner designed to encourage responsible consumption. Alcohol service policies are enforced to ensure only fans of legal drinking age are served alcoholic beverages. These combined efforts represent an alcohol management plan in which the fans, arena employees, corporate sponsors, and team representatives are all working toward common goals – promoting responsible drinking, positive fan behavior, and traffic safety.

“Tying Responsibility Has Its Rewards to our season-long Good Sport program is a winning combination,” said Carol Clark, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility for Anheuser-Busch, Inc. “We’re pleased to work with TEAM and the other program partners to recognize fans who look out for each other and make a designated driver part of their game plan. When it comes to preventing drunk driving, we’re all part of the team.”

The designated driver program is a key component of the responsibility initiatives that TEAM Coalition -- an alliance of professional and collegiate sports, entertainment facilities, stadium service providers, concessionaires, the beer industry, broadcasters, governmental traffic safety experts, and others working together to promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at sports facilities -- helps coordinate with professional sports leagues including Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League.

“Sobriety is no accident,” said Sportservice President Rick Abramson. “That’s why we work closely with our clients to strongly promote and advocate that fans make responsible decisions when it comes to alcohol and to take appropriate action, including declining to serve them, when they do not. The designated driver program is an important component of the alcohol management program at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.”

“As a proud corporate partner of Anheuser-Busch and Sportservice, we're happy to help spread this message of responsibility,” said Rob Matwick, Executive Vice President, Ballpark Operations for the Texas Rangers. “Rangers baseball has always been about creating the highest level of entertainment, while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who attends our games.”

Today, fans who embrace these goals will have a unique opportunity to show their dedication to the Rangers and prove once again responsibility really does have its rewards.

TEAM's members and supporters include Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, National Collegiate Athletics Association, ARAMARK, Delaware North Companies Sportservice, Beer Institute, Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, LiveNation, National Association of Broadcasters, Contemporary Services Corporation, International Association of Assembly Managers, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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