NFL Responsibility Has Its Rewards Sports Marketing Planner
Welcome to the cause marketing planner for the NFL and the Responsibility Has Its Rewards campaign.

Increase Your Community Involvement Through Cause Marketing
When done right, cause marketing increases your tie to the local community in a credible and relevant way. Using your brand to get the attention of young male fans makes traffic safety, life saving messages resonate more effectively.

Why Traffic Safety
National statistics show that the demographic at greatest risk of being involved in a fatal crash are males 21-35 years of age. Market research also shows this demographic has a high consumption of sports and entertainment as well as related consumer products.

Taking a TEAM Approach
The key is teaming up with community partners, including safety advocates, law enforcement, and health care leaders that know the effects of irresponsible behaviors first hand. They already have experience with the issues and organizing public education events, but often lack the ability to draw attention to their issues.

Part of a Comprehensive Plan
The core of any TEAM policy and program is keeping fans and employees safe at events through enhanced security, alcohol management training for all facility employees, responsible alcohol consumption and promoting of traffic safety. Responsibility Has Its Rewards (RHIR) is TEAM Coalition's program for fans, employees and businesses nationwide.

RHIR Campaign
The documents, graphics, and guides available on this site are examples of how state offices of highway safety can partner with TEAM Coalition, the National Football League and NFL teams and stadiums to promote traffic safety messages.

Those messages fall under the umbrella of “Responsibility Has Its Rewards.” This general message recognizes all safe behaviors.

“Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk: Always Have A Designated Driver” is the message for drunk driving prevention and the Designated Driver program.

“Buckle Up - Every Trip, Every Time.” is the message to encourage fans to wear their safety belts.