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"Sobriety is a team effort. We are continuously working with our clients to aggressively advocate and promote programs that assist fans in making responsible decisions when it comes to alcohol. If they don't, we take the appropriate action including declining to serve them. Fan safety is a priority that we take very seriously. The designated driver program is an important component of the alcohol management program at every venue where we operate."

--- John Wentzell, President, DNC Sportservice

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  TEAM Coalition Alcohol Management Training New Features

TEAM Coalition Training Summary (PDF)

As a non-profit organization, TEAM strives to offer sports and entertainment professionals the most comprehensive and up-to-date training program in effective alcohol management. We have developed a new website where trainers can not only view the results for training sessions they have conducted, but now they can also search for employees by name to determine if they are TEAM trained (even if they were trained by another trainer).

Enhancements are constantly being added to the website and we have also recently updated the participant exam books as well. Old exam books are still perfectly good to train the program, but now, the exam form, session evaluation form and the EXAM QUESTIONS come in a separate pouch. Each exam form has an unique test ID that corresponds to the exam question.

Check back to this page to learn about the latest enhancements to the TEAM training program. Please contact us at if you have questions or comments regarding any of the new items.

Enhancements to TEAM training program
  • TEAM now offers the option for trainers to receive electronic-only certification cards in lieu of having the physical cards mailed out. If you opt-in to this program, all future manual orders for your account at your facility will be discounted by $1 per manual.

    Please note that once you sign up for electronic-only cards, all future sessions graded for the account at the specific facility where the decision to go electronic-only was made will be processed with the discounted price and with electronic certification cards only. You cannot request printed cards for a single session. However, you always have the ability to self-print certification cards.

    For more information or to sign up for the program, send an email to

  • Online Manual Ordering is here! TEAM is very please to announce online manual ordering. All orders placed online will be invoiced after shipment has been made. Credit card payments are also now accepted by the online system.

  • The TEAM Training Introduction Video has been updated. This video answers the crucial question of why anyone working in a large-scale facility should become certified in TEAM's alcohol management training program. It is available online and can be downloaded and added directly to the TEAM Training PowerPoint Presentation. Click here to watch the new TEAM Training Introduction Video. Right-click and select "Save Target As" to download the video.

  • Changes have been made to TEAM Participant Manuals. When trainers receive a box of TEAM Participant Manuals, including in each box is a number of exam pouches equal to the number of manuals ordered. Each exam pouch includes an exam form, session evaluation form and the EXAM QUESTIONS. Trainers no longer have to print or photo copy the exam questions. They are included in the pouches. Each exam form has an unique test ID that corresponds to the exam questions. Please do not use the old exam questions with the new exam forms that include pre-populated Test IDs.

  • Trainers can use the online database to search for any individual who is TEAM-certified, confirm the expiration date of the person's certification and print a copy of the person's certification card, even if the person was TEAM trained by another trainer.

  • TEAM training participant manuals (including exam and evaluation forms) have been translated to Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

  • TEAM training exam questions (including Level 1 and Level 2, and extra Wisconsin questions) have been translated to Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

  • TEAM training exam questions (including Level 1 and Level 2, and extra Wisconsin questions) are also available in large font.

  • DVDs with TEAM Training Introduction Video and Training Scenarios are now available in Closed Caption for the hearing impaired.

  • Recognition stickers in two sizes are now available. 3 inch diameter round sticker are perfect for use on old price buttons. 1 inch square stickers can be added to name badges as an extra reminder to your community that your employees are TEAM certified.
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